Warranty Policy

The warranty and return policy stated and described below pertain to all products carrying a Zenith Safety Products logo located directly on the product or packaging. Such warranty supersedes any and all manufacturers' warranties, written or implied. Zenith Safety Products sole liability is limited to repair or replacement of any products proven to be defective in material and/or workmanship for one (1) year from the date of purchase, and for which a warranty claim is made, during the applicable warranty period, and no claims for damages of any type will be allowed. All products are sold on this specific interpretation. Defective warranted products will be repaired or replaced, at the discretion of Zenith Safety Products, at no cost with a new or reconditioned product. Warranties only apply when the product is used for the purpose for which it was originally designed, in normal operating and other conditions. This warranty does not apply to products which have been abused, misused, modified or if the product is worn out from normal use or has been repaired by someone other than Zenith Safety Products or an approved repair center. Discontinued warranted products will be replaced with products that are similar and available, or we will issue an appropriate credit. The specific warranty coverage for each product is as set out below. Zenith Safety Products sells only on a wholesale basis and accordingly, warranties only apply to purchasers for resale or for use in their business.

10-Year Limited Warranty (Normal wear & tear expected) on safety cabinets:

  • Paint/Ink cabinets
  • Corrosive liquids cabinets
  • Flammable cabinets
  • Pesticide storage cabinets
  • Vertical drum storage cabinets